Jeffrey Gray Of Biddeford, Maine Pleads Guilty To Possession Of Child Sexual Abuse Materials

On Tuesday, at the United States District Court in Portland, Maine, Jeffrey Gray, 61,of Biddeford, Maine pleaded guilty to possession of child sexual abuse materials.

In September 2022, federal agents executed a search warrant at Gray’sresidence in Biddeford, Maine following reports that he had shared child sexual abuse material over a peer-to-peer file sharing network. 

During this court authorized search, Investigators seized eight electronic devices, and based on material recovered from those devices, executed a second search warrant in November 2022, recovering three additional devices. 

A forensic examination of the devices revealed hundreds of child sexual abuse images and videos. Victims depicted in the material recovered included an infant approximately 3-6 months old being sexually abused by an adult man.

Gray has a previous conviction in Rockingham, New Hampshire Superior Court in 2012 for aggravated felonious sexual assault.

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