4 Identified Violent Gang Members From Reading, Pennsylvania Convicted Of Sex Trafficking

Shaquile Newson, Alexander Malave, Karvarise Person and James Goode all from Reading, Pennsylvania were convicted at trial of offenses including conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion of a minor, various violent crimes in aid of racketeering offenses including kidnapping and assaults with dangerous weapons, sex trafficking including of minors and firearms offenses. 

All four of these individuals were identified as part of an ongoing federal investigation as members of a violent gang called “The Sevens,” which took control and operated out of a 50-room boarding house on South 4th Street in the City of Reading.

Evidence presented at trial showed that multiple acts of violence in furtherance of the criminal enterprise were carried out as well as numerous acts involving the sex trafficking and attempted sex trafficking of women and minors.   

Victims were raped, shot, assaulted with batons, stabbed with a knife, and hit with a hammer. 

A minor was forced to have a sexual encounter with a gun held to her head.  

Sexually explicit photographs of a minor were also used to advertise the gang’s sex trafficking business. 

All fourteen people originally indicted have now been convicted of charges related to this case.

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