Former Detroit Firefighters Union Treasure Sentenced To 1 Year In Prison

Tuesday, Verdine Day, former Treasurer of the Detroit Fire Fighters Union, was sentenced to one year in prison, $220,043.65 in restitution to the Detroit Fire Fighters Union, and two years of supervised release for embezzling over $200,000 in union funds.

In 1986, Day began working with the Detroit Fire Department as a firefighter. During her career with the Detroit Fire Department, Day also held other positions in the union before she was elected by her peers to Treasurer in November 2015 until her retirement from the DFFA and the City of Detroit in September 2019.  

During her four years as Treasurer of DFFA, Day fraudulently obtained approximately $167,900.00 of union funds by issuing checks in her name and then changing the name of the payee in the Union’s Quickbooks software, cashing checks which were voided by her in Quickbooks, writing checks made payable to cash and withdrawing cash from DFFA bank accounts. 

Day also fraudulently obtained money by diverting funds intended by the DFFA to be a donation to the NAACP.

Additionally, Day used DFFA credit cards as her own personal credit cards while she was Treasurer and after she retired. In total, she charged approximately $49,116.17 in personal expenses using DFFA credit cards.  Her purchases on DFFA credit cards included flights, hotel rooms, cruises, car insurance premiums, satellite and cable TV service, national and state parks fees, and furniture. 

On one occasion, Day used a DFFA union credit card to charge $9,553 for a cruise with Royal Caribbean cruise lines and on another occasion she used a union credit card to pay for another Royal Caribbean cruise costing $8,975 on the Liberty of the Seas.

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